Emporio Armani Eyewear: environmentally conscious style

Emporio Armani Eyewear: environmentally conscious style

The Armani Group increasingly expresses its founder’s awareness and ethical concern for social and environmental issues. Now, the brand is extending its commitment to eyewear collections featuring models produced with an eco-friendly approach.


The Emporio Armani Eyewear range for 2021 stands out not only for the Group’s unique style, but also for its emphasis on sustainability. In full synergy with Luxottica, the brand’s long-standing partner, this commitment to sustainability is implemented through a series of coordinated initiatives involving the entire eyewear value chain: from materials that are 100% recycled through a process of industrial waste recovery and subsequent regranulation, to acetates with an increasingly renewable content thanks to the use of bio-plasticizers. The same attention is paid to the lenses, which are comprised of partially bio-based materials.

 The process involves not only the design and manufacture of the product, but also the subsequent use of recycled material for display signs, made entirely of 100% recyclable FSC-certified paper and cardboard, and eyewear packaging, which is eco-friendly and made of recycled polyester. 

The advertising campaign, which is entirely set in Milan, was produced with a focus on environmental protection and was awarded the EMA Gold Seal Green certification by the Environment Media Association. This was made possible thanks to the organization of a particularly sustainability-conscious agenda during the video shooting stage, which permitted significant savings in resources and a consequent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.  The residual emissions were offset by the purchase of traded carbon credits to support Agrocortex, a Redd+ climate change mitigation project (‘Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation’, a program created by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate) aimed at preserving the Amazon forest and its biodiversity.

The Emporio Armani collection includes a selection of four models, two eyeglasses and two sunglasses, all made of acetate with a high bio-based content and embellished with the Emporio Armani logo on both temples. The women’s frames have elegant, sophisticated shapes: a cat-eye design for the sunglasses and round lenses for the eyeglasses, available in various colors. The men’s models boast a more boxy and sporty design.

Armani’s commitment to sustainability emphasizes the importance of making strategic choices to protect the environment without compromising on aesthetics or on the brand’s timeless style.


Published on Jun 30 2021