Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye

As well as the photos, the Faces by the Sartorialist website contains the written contributions of influential people from the world of fashion who describe their relationships with glasses. The first contributor? Italian Angelo Flaccavento


The Faces by the Sartorialist digital project, launched in June 2014 by Scott Schuman, famous photographer and founder of the blog The Sartorialist (in association with Luxottica), begins a new chapter. As well as the photos of charismatic personalities that wear glasses in their own personal way, the blog also opens its pages to special contributors who describe their relationship with this necessary and controversial accessory.

The first contributor is Italian Angelo Flaccavento, one of the world's most influential fashion critics. See him in his native Sicily in the video above.

In his article, which you can read at Faces By The Sartorialist, Angelo describes his intimate, but also ironic relationship with glasses, revealing the many issues that wearing them raises. A proud 'specky', Angelo outlines what it means to wear such an engaging accessory, a sentiment that goes beyond that of a practical choice: choosing the right frames for a specific look or occasion becomes a kind of ritual. In a majestically composed piece of writing, which also includes a hint of sarcasm, Angelo analyses the essence of wearing glasses, establishing a dialogue both with those that have always worn them and those that have a more superficial relationship with lenses and frames.

With wit and humour, Angelo describes that transformational ability that resides in a pair of glasses, an expressive and versatile accessory.

(The right) glasses are even better than make-up. They are like a graphical restyling, a kind of visual surgery, a symbol of optical empowerment. They guarantee a myriad of options: just change the model to transform yourself into a completely different person without betraying your integrity, just like a chameleon.

Read the complete article at Faces By The Sartorialist - Angelo Flaccavento

Published on Oct 16 2014