Eye-Know. For Your Eyes Only.

Eye-Know. For Your Eyes Only.

Every month, millions of people are searching for vision care on the internet. But online search often results in less answer and more anxiety. Now these questions will have clear responses, of absolute scientific value and immediate usability. Where? On Eye-Know.com

Eye-Know. For Your Eyes Only.

Just landed on the net, Eye-Know aims to establish a reference point for eye-health and vision care. The digital platform powered by LensCrafters delivers high quality contents on the most sensitive issues concerning sight and vision care. Explained for all levels of understanding in a simple, clear and engaging way. Eye-Know provides us with helpful tips on vision care, reveals curiosities and tests our convictions on the most important of our five senses.

When we look at eye-related online search terms, we can see that over 5-million monthly searches ladder back to only 10 terms: myopia, strabismus, astigmatism, glaucoma, etc. (you can find the whole list at the link above). Eye-Know starts from here, with 10 articles tackling the 10 most common vision conditions in depth. Simply, with a warm and empathetic tone of voice to make people feel they are not alone neither need to be specialists to understand.

The site is designed for maximum accessibility, easy reading and sharing: all the information available at a glance, bright colors, images of strong impact, bustling visual rhythm of the texts, responsive design that suits any device (pc, tablet, smartphone).

Do you have a visual impairment? Don't worry. Enter your symptoms in the appropriate section and you will quickly discover what it is and get advice to solve the problem. What  you can do and what an eye care professional can do for you.

A curiosity: did you know that in the eye there are special cells that recognize color, called “cone” cells? There are three types, each capturing a different color light: red, green or blue. Mostly concentrated towards the middle of the retina. There are more cone cells in the human eye than people living in Los Angeles: about 4.5 million!

Eye-Know is this and much more... to discover! Today available the US website, online soon the tailor-made versions for Australia, Latin America and China. Stay tuned, we’ll be back soon!

Published on Feb 24 2015