Fernando Alonso joins Oakley family

22 Jun 2011 - 04:45 PM

Two-Time Formula One World Drivers’ Champ Respects Oakley Innovation

Fernando Alonso joins Oakley family

Oakley, Inc. today announced that Fernando Alonso has joined the Oakley family of pro racers. A two-time world champion, the Formula One racing driver will serve as an ambassador for Oakley in Europe and around the world.

“We are proud to have Fernando join the Oakley family,” said Olaf Dunz, Brand Director at Oakley EMEA. “Formula One is the number-one motorsport in the world, a fusion of speed and spectacle that demands the ultimate in skill. A natural born talent, Fernando is committed to excellence, and it’s an honor to have him represent our brand. He’s a true individual and he carries his own style beyond the track, so he respects the art of Oakley design as well as the performance. All told, Fernando is a perfect fit for our blend of science and art, and he will play an integral role in expanding Oakley’s reach in the sport,” Dunz concluded.

“I choose Oakley as this is a legitimate brand which has been supporting a select group of Elite athletes around the globe for many years. Associating myself with world-class and prestigious brands has been a major part of my career and racing strategy from the beginning," said Alonso. "Oakley has vision – continually striving for excellence through technology and innovation… traits which are of paramount importance to world class athletes including drivers within F1 circles.”

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