The first floating OneSight clinic in Amazon

The first floating OneSight clinic in Amazon

Muritinga, Cuia, Iguapenu, São Felix and Sissaíma. Five stop-offs along the Amazon River, and five days to provide 2000 locals with glasses, suitable eyesight treatment and tests using special tools for checkups in remote areas, saving the riverside villagers from having to take a 30-hour trip to reach Manaus, the closest city with clinics and hospitals.


From 11 to 15 June, 46 volunteers, perform checkups and tests directly on board with cutting-edge technology and satellite devices in order to always maintain contact with the mainland.

The expedition team relied on small medical kits, suited for use in extreme conditions, as well as on a stock of spherical bifocal lenses for patients with specific prescriptions. Mothers of large families, kids walking for miles to get to school, fishermen knotting thin threads; everyone finally got the chance to wear the right glasses, made just for them.

The innovations of this specific mission were not limited to tools used and logistics: fundraising was reimagined. Every employee was called to organize fundraising activities to qualify for the trip on the floating clinic by reaching a set minimum sum of money or by raising the highest amount.

Also accompanying the opticians on the mission for the first time was a travel blogger (Alex @lostwithpurpose), who through photos and stories posted on various social network platforms daily shared the experience.

Published on Jul 26 2018