The first of many trees donated by Luxottica is planted in the aftermath of Storm Vaia

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The first of many trees donated by Luxottica is planted in the aftermath of Storm Vaia

Luxottica has begun phase two of the forest restoration project launched at the end of last year. In the presence of Honorary President of Luxottica, Cavaliere Luigi Francavilla, Chief Operating Officer of Luxottica, Giorgio Striano, and the Mayor of Agordo, Roberto Chissalè, the first tree of the new forest developed as part of the company project has been planted. 

The first of many trees donated by Luxottica is planted in the aftermath of Storm Vaia

With the winter snow fast becoming a distant memory, the deforestation work in the areas of Agordo affected by Storm Vaia in October 2018 is progressing at pace. And while the detritus of the trees uprooted by the driving rain and furious winds of those devastating few days is cleared away, the focus has now shifted to planting new trees over an area of around 30 hectares.

The forest repopulation project will be conservative in nature and will mainly take place aerially using cableways, thus avoiding damaging the soil with overly invasive measures that may compromise the natural regrowth of the younger plants that are gradually taking back their space. In the most heavily affected areas, repopulation will take place across the board with new trees planted homogeneously in two different tranches in order to respect the changing seasons. In accordance with the owners of the various plots of land, the majority of the trees planted will be melliferous--i.e., honey-bearing--in order to preserve the original biodiversity of the area.

The first Luxottica forest will bring real benefits not only to the community of Agordo, which will once again be able to take advantage of an area compromised by the storm, but also in regards the ecosystem: in fact, over the next few years Luxottica will restore over 15,000 trees which will reduce the risk of landslides, make the forest more resilient and absorb carbon emissions (CO2). Developed in collaboration with the Municipality of Agordo and Etifor--a spin-off of the University of Padua specialized in consultancy, planning, research and training in the environmental sphere--the project will breathe new life into the area and transform an extreme natural disaster like Storm Vaia into an opportunity to improve the area from a hydrogeological, environmental and landscape perspective.

Published on Jun 05 2021