Framed by Persol

Monday, October 25, 2021 - 10:45am

Showcasing its unique connection with the world of cinema, an exclusive new capsule and dedicated campaign celebrates Persol’s role as a protagonist, both on- and offscreen: Introducing Framed by Persol.

Re-envisioning iconic Persol designs worn by generations of stars, nine new sun and optical shapes frame the multifaceted character of two young actors with their eyes set on the red carpet: cue Lorenzo Zurzolo and Gaïa Weiss.

In a series of quirky 15 second cuts inspired by the cult 80s hit Cocktail, starring Tom Cruise, and award-winning film Somewhere by Sofia Coppola, Gaïa and Lorenzo capture the mood of iconic scenes from a contemporary viewpoint, rigorously Framed by Persol. Because in filmmaking, the frame is everything, and when it comes to the world of cinema, Persol has always framed its vision in inimitable style.

Spontaneous and captivating, the filming of each short is designed to work on both conceptual and figurative levels. Playing with stylistic and temporal juxtapositions, sleek design and natural light to embody the effortless attitude of Persol with eye-catching immediacy, while carefully selected props to create subtle links to cult movies from the past. Playful, fast paced and at times ironic, the creative camera work alternates split screen, single frame or close-up formats to capture the different angles of each frame and the gazes of the actors who wear, and act them.

And when it comes to marking the cinema-inspired identity of the Framed by Persol collection, dedicated temple inscriptions and metal film-reels on the temple tips add an exclusive collection signature to each crafted acetate frame, while a symbolic palette of classic black or velvety translucent red evokes original cinema seats and the flash-bulb ready, head-to-foot glamor of red-carpet events. Finally, a custom box makes sure that even the packaging has VIP status.

Take a seat and join us as we deep-dive into the world of cinema: Framed by Persol, take one.

The Collection

A mix of semi-bold shapes, softened contours and geometric designs, the Framed by Persol collection captures the gaze of cinematic style from from every possible angle. Catering to all genders with accentuated or gender-neutral designs, the range embodies the multifaceted character of contemporary life, just as the world of cinema reflects its cultural spirit. And in turn, the intense palette, exclusive temple inscriptions and film-reel temple tips, as well as custom packaging, highlight the connoisseur-inspired allure of every Framed by Persol model.


“There are the observers. And those who are observed”

Windows to the soul, the deeper curved contours of this characterful frame captures the essence of expressive style, redefining the essential lines of modern design with eclectic creativity. Enhanced with fine, high-set temples and both integrated flex hinges and trademark Meflecto mechanism, the light frame offers the ultimate in personalized comfort, modern color options add nuanced appeal.


“There are those who see. And those who want to be seen.”

Modelled on the celebrity allure of screen stars from the 80's, this stand-alone style pays tribute to feminine expression with crafted Persol details and a perfectly tailored fit. Contouring the bold butterfly shape with soft bevel brows, comfort fit nose pads and tapered Meflecto temples for enhanced comfort, the velvety nuance of translucent red or patent-leather polish of classic black color options define its diva-worthy glamour.


“There is what we desire. And what others desire from us.”

Born to be a star: from poolside cocktails to the laid-back shirt-over-jeans nonchalance of everyday protagonists, a flawless blend of 80s star attitude and red-carpet glamor define the sensual androgeny of this must-have new shape. Flaunting the exclusive collection temple signature and a dedicated film-reel temple tip, the premium acetate frame comes in cinema-inspired translucent red or polished black with dark crystal lenses, polished Persol Arrows and trademark Meflecto mechanisms make sure the semibold profile is always a perfect fit.


“It’s all about how you frame it. How you create your vision of the world.”

A classic, with just the right amount of charisma: framing the youthful ambition of contemporary style, this optical look goes from the business drinks to a photo shoot in a blink. Constantly reinvented yet always original, Persol refreshes the easy to wear rectangle with a softened, genderless profile, creating a look that needs no explanation. Crafted from premium quality acetate, the frame comes in the collection’s signature tones of translucent red or classic black, with dedicated temple inscriptions and film-reel tips for a VIP take on everyday style.


“It’s all about how you frame it. How you set up your own stage.”

Bold, yet restrained, perfectly balanced volumes and high-definition tones frame the powerful personality of this shape-driven look. Destined to become an icon of style, its rigorous fusion of A-personality design and timeless class has everything it takes to become a contemporary star. And true to form, the polished black frame and signature Framed by Persol temples, film-reel tips and Persol Arrow hinges give it trademark redcarpet status.


It’s all infinitely connected. A place where aesthetic and cinema are one. And together, make the seventh art.

From Marcello Mastroiani to Bradley Cooper, a strong sense of style has always defined the award-winning vision of Persol ambassadors from the world of cinema – and this optical look is no exception. Designed for true connoisseurs, the streamlined profile updates a classic square with contemporary character, making it deeper, wider and finer without sacrificing original details. Available in passepartout black, it features exclusive Framed by Persol temples with a film-reel accent on one tip and comes packaged in a custom design box.


They complete life away from reality, They merge into a different point of view, That everyone can recreate for themselves.

Never banal, modern geometric angles and invisible performance features update an original Persol shape with the creative eclecticism of new generation icons. Changing character at will, this genderless acetate frame is perfectly calibrated to fit whatever role you pick with impeccable contemporary style. Available in classic black, sophisticated flex Arrow hinges, premium crystal lenses and exclusive Framed by Persol temples and packaging add VIP appeal.

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Published on Oct 25 2021