An idea of beauty that goes beyond appearance and stereotypes, that kind of beauty that breaks the schemes. Vogue Eyewear has spotlighted these values in its latest campaign, #SHOWYOURVOGUE, which encourages all women to show their V-side (V like Vogue), that is what makes them unique.


The #ShowYourVogue campaign, launched last February, now features an important face: Gigi Hadid, model and testimonial, but most importantly designer of the new  special collection in which she  fully expresses her strong passion for eyewear.

Why Gigi Hadid? Acknowledged worldwide for her beauty, more than 35 million followers on Instagram, model of the year in 2016 and protagonist of international fashion shows and covers of the most famous magazines worldwide, Gigi Hadid is ready to reveal her V-side to the world, together with Vogue Eyewear. Precisely, her values, personality and passions. Gigi is a gourmand who enjoys horse-riding and, obviously, eyewear. Indeed, by no mere chance does the campaign portray her performing daily routine activities, such as eating, busying herself at the stove, getting on horseback, and proudly flaunting her Vogue eyewear. She is not (only) a model anymore, but a woman with a bold personality that makes her unique.

Gigi Hadid perfectly embodies the values of the campaign that was launched on  June 27 in New York. The exclusive launch of the new capsule collection Gigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear that was celebrated in the Big Apple recorded the participation of more than 300 guests, influencers and journalists. They met with Gigi Hadid on a special evening centered on the theme #SHOWYOURPARTY.

Gigi’s amazing personality and her fresh attitude are perfect for the vision of #ShowYourVogue”, said Greta Gervasini, Vogue Eyewear Global Marketing Manager. “This is why we chose her to represent our values”.

Styles of capsule collection Gigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear are designed for women who want to feel unique. The design mirrors the eclectic spirit of the ‘90s, along with innovative trends, thus creating retro-chic frames that constantly seek new trends. The 4 models, namely 3 sunglasses and 1 pair of prescription glasses, are available in several color options. The lenses are the main peculiarity of these styles.

Model V04083S, for instance, a genuine upgrade of the classic square pilot style in a feminine key, features an exceptionally rich and versatile color palette, from classic black to modern orange and pink.

Model VO5211S instead has an extreme  cat-eye shape that makes seductive beauty look easy. Provocative lens-frame color combinations see on-trend transparent and white acetates paired with flat lenses in candy shades of pink,  blue, red and orange, and total black or havana color options for stand-out attitude with a  feminine feel.

This exclusive Gigi Hadid Special Collection style comes with dedicated packaging and signature temples.

Every model is designed to encourage the women to express their personality. Or, in other words, their V-side!

Published on Aug 04 2017