Persol is anchored by a 100-year heritage, its name synonymous with exquisite materials and artisanal Italian craftsmanship. But it lives and breathes the present. Persol is both in the moment and defining it. On trend, yet way beyond fashion.


A new campaign titled Good Point, Well Made signals the start of a new thread in the conversation, taking us on a journey away from the conventional. An eclectic cast of characters featured in the ads share a spirit of independence. Sure of themselves and their place in the world, they’re not afraid to question perceived realities. Close ups of the frames give a closer view: the signature Persol arrow, exceptional detailing and superior finishes pop against rich colour backdrops. Persol is in a new era, but being well made is timeless.

The campaign copy hacks every day idioms for an ultra-individual generation, with subtle wit and cool humor, to express this dichotomy between tradition and progress. Familiar expressions are flipped on their heads, making us laugh at ourselves, revisit our assumptions, and rethink established “truths” with a fresh perspective. The ordinary, seen through Persol’s lenses, is anything but. 

Truth lies between the lines

A couple stand one behind the other, looking at us head on. Who are these two, what is their story, and what are they hiding from us? Is there any such thing as one “truth” at all? It may lie in the place we least expect. Maybe in the most iconic among Persol models.

Fortune favors the lucky

What matters more to success: ambition, hard work or bravery? Persol suggests maybe none of the above. Sometimes luck matters most. The character shoots a knowing and satisfied expression, perhaps he knows how to make his own. For example, you can start by the squared model with Flex hinge. 

Make stuff not sense

Making sense is overrated. Think of all the other things you could be creating. The best path might not always be the logical one – it’s better to realize your dream. So what if no one gets it? Our character strikes a confident pose, he follows his own way. And signs his purpose with the Calligrapher Edition pair. 

Nostalgia is a thing of the past

Look to history to move forward not back. Live in the present, inspired by the past. Our protagonist is ready to seize the moment and the power of now.  His secret? The new Tailoring Edition sunglass.

What you see is not what you get

Things are not always what they seem. Go beyond the superficial and question your first impressions – you might find something extraordinary instead.

Just as the acetate model with round lenses does. 

Better late than early

Sometimes it’s better to play the long game. Better to be late than to be less than your best. Deadlines are so 2017. But not the Tailoring Edition prescription glasses!

The best thing since the last best thing

In our fast-paced world nothing stays the best for long. This irony is not lost on the couple of the moment, but could they be the exception that proves the rule?

The answer is in the most iconic Persol model, now with round frames.

Published on Jun 20 2018