Graffiti do Brasil for the Ray-Ban new Wayfarer Ltd Brasil edition

Monday, July 7, 2014 - 2:00pm

Ray-Ban, the world’s leading eyewear brand, celebrates the hot spirit of the Carioca summer in 2014, the energy and passion of Brazil, with a capsule collection starring one of its icons, the New Wayfarer, decorated with a motif designed by Brazilian artist Elvis Mourão: the Ray Ban New Wayfarer Ltd Brasil Edition.

The artist, specialising in graffiti, uses any source of inspiration coming from reality and blends it with his dreams and eclectic visions. With these elements, he creates hypnotic tableaux where eyes and fish chase each other, characters dart around, crowns rise high above heads, and words like Peace and Hope pop up here and there, in an optical play of black and white dotted with touches of pink.

A design student, Elvis Mourão is from Guarulhos, a city in the metropolitan area of São Paulo. He started making graffiti at the age of 15 and has never stopped since. An illustrator and a designer, he has decorated waste containers, front doors and urban furnishings, enriching even the most desolate areas with his amazing graphic narratives.

These intricate, multiform motifs are also found in the 4 models of the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Ltd Brasil Edition, already available online at, one of which will only be offered until 31 August.

Scales, beaks, hearts and flags do Brasil are the highlights of the New Wayfarer, as memorable as the summer of 2014.

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Published on Jul 07 2014