Helping Students See Their Futures

Helping Students See Their Futures

OneSight recently held a vision care clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio, near its global headquarters to serve hundreds of students get the glasses they need to succeed in school. Overall, 76% of students seen by the clinic team needed glasses.


One volunteer, Debbie, works as General Manager for LensCrafters in Chesapeake, Virginia. She had the pleasure of meeting Javier, a 7-year-old Cincinnati boy. Debbie saw that Javier’s initial prescription reading was +1 and -6. He had never had glasses before and didn't know that he had a problem. He thought the way he was seeing his world was the right way. He finished the process and is eagerly awaiting his new glasses to be delivered to his school.  

Traveling out to local schools to dispense glasses to the students seen at clinic the previous day is a highlight for many clinic team members. Mai from Luxottica Thailand along with her team had an exciting day delivering the glassses and helping the kids get them fitted. One little girl was very shy when she initially came to the clinic. However, she was beyond excited to get her glasses. She loved her frame that she picked out and told us how clear the world around her had become.

Many children seen at the clinic were discovered to have high prescription needs, so the glasses the receive will have a profound impact on their daily lives. 

Dr. Ann had an experience with a 6 year old who had 6.00 diopters of astigmatism. This child had no glasses at all and was doing very poorly in school. Additionally Dr. Ann noted that in her 30 years of practice she has never seen that much of an uncorrected prescription for such a young age. With her new glasses this child now has the ability to improve in school and unlock her full potential

Published on Dec 21 2017