Iridescence: the changing colours of the new Ray-Ban Wayfarer for summer

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 7:00pm

Summer edition 2014 collection. Eyewear that changes “colour” with light variations thanks to its “quick-change” coating.

Ray-Ban, a brand leader in material experimentation and styles that are set to become “legends”, adds another chapter to its enthralling series of iconic models by launching a remarkable fluid colouring for the lenses and frames of its Wayfarer eyewear: this is the Summer 2014 Edition, “Iridescence”.

The big news for summer 2014 comes from the colour performance of the flash lenses and acetate frames, all of which feature an iridescent reflection which appears fluid.

It is not an optical illusion, but a “quick change” coating: the lenses made of silica micro-crystals are coated with highly-refractive metal oxides which, depending on the power and angle of light, produce various colour shades which blend with one another to produce a “liquid” finish, with a thousand different nuances, never seen before. The frames too undergo the same coating treatment and respond to sunlight with constantly changing colours.

Thanks to this coating, the visual effects produced by light on lenses and frames are endless, making each model extremely versatile and perfectly matched with the colour mood of summer 2014 – from bright blue and violet to orange and light blue.

The new Ray-Ban Wayfarer models offer an experience in style and vision that differs according to the time of day. Even when light is low, the pigments “come alive” to produce blended and changing shades.

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Published on Jul 02 2014