Luxottica’s Welfare Program improves the wellbeing of employees and supports growth and development in the regions where it operates. Started in 2009, the program has gradually expanded to answer the needs of individuals in constantly changing ways.


From health and wellness assistance and increased buying power to talent, promotion and recognition of academic merit, this program symbolizes the importance that Luxottica awards to its people and their sense of community and belonging – both in Italy and abroad.

The positive results in Italy – the first country where Luxottica has implemented welfare measures– have prompted the company to replicate some of these programs and services in other areas. In Brazil, for example, a huge and dynamic country with over 200 million people, the introduction of innovative practices and services tailored to the local region has raised awareness among employees about their rights given them a different perspective on their jobs and workplace.

In addition to the administrative offices in São Paulo, Luxottica’s footprint in Brazil includes a factory in nearby Campinas, a distribution centre in Jundiaí, and around 1,200 stores under the brand names of Óticas Carol, Sunglass Hut and Oakley with approximately 2,000 employees.

Safeguarding health

Similar to the set up in Italy, welfare practices in Brazil started in the factories: thanks to Luxottica’s recent acquisition of Óticas Carol, retail staff members may now also enjoy benefits previously reserved for company employees.

In a country where the public health service is plagued by numerous problems, it is vital to have access to a Health Insurance a private health plan. Moreover, all employees can enjoy a life insurance policy and two different health insurance plans (one for general medical treatment and a second one for dental care).

In the Campinas plant they can benefit from an agreement with affiliated local pharmacy chains for the purchase of discounted medicine and beauty products.

Employees in the factory, service centre and offices are all included in the annual vaccination drive which guarantees flu shots just before the winter season each year.


For more general wellness, the company provides workplace massages (to alleviate stress, pain and muscle tension), as well as the upcoming launch of a corporate agreement with local gyms and sports centers. 

Within the Campinas plant, there is a canteen and cafeteria similar to the one at Luxottica’s plant in Agordo, with a menu designed to please the tastes of company employees. It promotes a healthy balanced diet, also taking into account specific medical conditions such as diabetes, or the requirements of pregnant women.

Staff from the offices and logistics center in Jundiaí and São Paulo, as well as the associates in the stores, are provided with meal cards. While staff in Campinas is given monthly food cards to spend in approved supermarkets and stores.


In Brazil, not only are Luxottica’s employees cared for, but their families are also treated to wellness support as well. In Campinas, about 350 children of employees (ranging from 4 to 14 years old) receive school supplies and other necessary study items at the beginning of the school year. And for those employees who wish to spend more time with their families, there is the “birthday off” initiative, which offers them the chance to take a day off in their birthday month.

Published on Jul 09 2018