LensCrafters Elevates the Importance of Vision Care

LensCrafters Elevates the Importance of Vision Care

Did you know that 1 in 4 children have an undiagnosed vision problem? And that 7 out of 10 people aren’t seeing clearly as you read this? These are the types of provocative questions about eyesight that LensCrafters is asking as it refocuses the conversation with consumers on vision care, and launches a grassroots eye exam movement to make vision care a priority in people’s lives. 


“Our eyes process 150 million pieces of information a year on average,” said Kathy Drury, LensCrafters’ Vice President of Marketing. “They are a precious gift and we want everyone to know that our incredible doctors and associates can help them take care of this precious gift.” 

The passion and enthusiasm of LensCrafters’ employed and affiliated doctors and store associates is at the core of the eye exam movement, and they’re excited about this shift in the conversation.

“We are changing the conversation with customers by focusing on our strong heritage of providing compassionate, convenient vision care across North America,” said Alex Wilkes, LensCrafters Vice President of Eye Care. “We want patients to understand that it’s not just about how much you’re going to pay for your eye exam and glasses at LensCrafters, it’s about how much our doctors and associates love your eyes and want to help you care for them with innovations like ACCUExam, Optos and more.” 

To support the groundswell of enthusiasm around the eye exam movement, LensCrafters continues its Eye Love campaign with new television commercials, print and digital advertisements, store signage, and associate and doctor engagement efforts. The campaign asks consumers to think about the role vision plays in their lives and to think about the importance of taking care of their eyes as part of their overall health and well-being. 

LensCrafters is confident that this is just the beginning of the eye exam movement. Kathy said: “We’re really in the launch phase right now and we want people to lean into the conversation and think about their eyes and eye exams differently than they ever have before. The movement has re-centered us on what matters most and we’re inviting everyone be a part of it.”

Do you believe eye exams are important? Want to join the movement? Tell us why at #LensCrafters #Loveseyes

Published on Jul 08 2014