LensCrafters loves eyes

LensCrafters loves eyes

Through its new campaign, “Take a Stand for Quality Vision Care”, Lenscrafters goes beyond advertising. It prompts us to see the vital role that eyes play in our emotional life, personal identity and overall health. Inspiring people to think about trusted vision care.

LensCrafters loves eyes

Lenscrafters’ global advertising campaign, launched on February 2th, 2014, goes beyond advertising. It encourages people to stop and marvel at the vital role that eyes play in their emotional life, personal identity and overall health. Entitling it “Take a Stand for Quality Vision Care”, Lenscrafters wants to communicate its passion for celebrating the eye and acting as a partner in total vision care, that is to say the synergy of trusted eye care and exceptional eyewear. LensCrafters is the North American representation of Eye Love, the Luxottica brand which celebrates sight all over the world, and leads the campaign launch which is followed by LensCrafters China and GMO South America in March 2014.

“Take a Stand for Quality Vision Care” prompts us to reconsider who we trust to care for our eyes, inspiring people to seek a qualified partner who understands the importance of the eye, not only to vision, but also to the entire life experience. Striking imagery paired with bold, provocative language pull at the emotional essence of eyes and the preciousness of sight, reminding us the experience of staring deep into someone’s eyes and getting lost. 

“The new campaign is more than a new creative direction. It is a common vision for our brand to make sure that everyone who sets foot in our stores leaves seeing what they love and loving what they see” says Eric Anderson, LensCrafters’ Senior Vice President & General Manager. “We accomplish this by offering the latest technologies for fitting and selecting glasses and the highest quality name brand eyewear. This campaign challenges people to think about how they care for their sight and who they trust to help them along the way.”

“Take a stand for quality vision care”, running on television, print and digital platforms, is built around five key stories that highlight specific messages, from the critical importance of precision measurement and accuracy of eye-exams to selection of the best eyewear to fit our face and express our personal style. Each message matches LensCrafters’ expertise as the brand offers personalized experience from knowledgeable staff aided by proprietary advanced technologies and a comprehensive selection of high-quality and name brand eyewear.

Published on Feb 04 2014