“The first thing I will do with my new glasses will be to go to the planetarium to see the stars.”


Antonio, 50 years old, put into words the impact of the OneSight clinics in Milan from October 7th to 18th. For two years, he has been a guest at the ‘Jannacci’ Shelter home, one of the two organizations OneSight partnered with. Antonio is a math enthusiast and graduated with a degree in physics, but after losing his job to take care of his mother, he faced difficulties making enough money to pay the rent. Antonio’s words are joined by those of Fatima, who escaped from war-torn Libya with her two children. With her new glasses, she will finally be able to look at the phone screen without having watery eyes and headaches. Walter, on the other hand, is 70 years old and has been sleeping for a few months at the Progetto Arca Foundation. When he receives his pair of glasses he will return to his passion of drawing, as he did when employed in the fashion industry. “When I’m in the mood and they ask me to do a sketch, I still do it to this day!” Then there is Quinla who, after the visit, was excited to call her daughter in the Ivory Coast to tell her about the day and about how important it was to be able to go back to seeing well. She had never experienced such a thorough eye exam. Pasqualina, too, thought immediately of her children; finally she will be able to look at them clearly again!

Some stories are more difficult to tell than others and often the language turns out to be a barrier, but the words that everyone knows and repeats are “thank you!” said to the on-site volunteers for what they have given them. Given the social and economic challenges many of the patients face in their daily lives, eye health is often ignored. Yet seeing well allows you to gain autonomy, read, move about the city and try to get back on your feet.

Participating in World Sight Day clinics also gives a lot to the 50 Luxottica volunteers who donated their vacation hours in order to participate. This is a chance for them to embody the Group’s mission: “to see the beauty of life.” It is the enthusiasm that emerges from Paolo’s words, who hopes to do it again, or from the amazement of Andrea and Giulia in front of such a diverse patient community.  For them and the others, it was an opportunity to grow and put themselves to the test, meet new colleagues and see first-hand how the foundation of their work – glasses – can change people’s lives for the better.

Published on Oct 31 2019