Luxottica announced 2017 Optometry Scholarship Winners

Luxottica announced 2017 Optometry Scholarship Winners

The average optometry student graduates with $200,000 in debt. To help offset the growing costs of an optometric education, Luxottica partnered with the American Optometric Association to introduce the Luxottica Eye Care Optometry Scholarships.

Luxottica announced 2017 Optometry Scholarship Winners

On October 5, Luxottica announced the winners of its 2017 Luxottica Eye Care Optometry Scholarships.  Twenty students of optometry in the U.S. and Canada were awarded $5,000 each for a total contribution of $100,000. Student winners were selected based upon accomplishments in the areas of academics, leadership, community service, and extracurricular activities.  

The decision to create the scholarship shows Luxottica’s continued commitment to helping the next generation of ODs as they pursue their education and career. Building on that commitment, the Luxottica Eye Care Team also created eyeFWD, an OD development initiative to provide resources, both real-life and data-driven, to OD students who are interested in gaining a broader understanding on how to build and maintain a successful practice upon graduation. 

The inaugural session of the 5-day OD development program took place at Luxottica offices in Cincinnati from October 7-11.  The program, also joined by many other partners, is bringing thirty top, entrepreneurial-minded students from thirteen different schools to participate.

Optometry students have also asked for more opportunities to participate in social impact projects such as those organized by OneSight, a worldwide non-profit that has given eye exams and free glasses to 10 million people in 46 countries.  25 students recently accompanied ODs and volunteers to the Tanzania Vision Care Clinic this summer. In 2018, Luxottica, the AOSA and OneSight will partner for two more clinic trips.

Published on Oct 16 2017