Luxottica for Art and Fondazione Prada

Luxottica for Art and Fondazione Prada

For the entire month of February, the works of art of Domenico Gnoli, an internationally renowned Italian artist, will be displayed on the main streets and squares of Milan’s historic center.

Luxottica for Art and Fondazione Prada

The initiative has been made possible through a collaboration between Fondazione Prada and Luxottica.

Domenico Gnoli’s work is currently on display in a retrospective exhibition at Fondazione Prada’s Milan headquarter until February 27, 2022, bringing together more than 100 paintings – as well as drawings and a large number of documents – created by the artist from 1949 to 1969. This moment was created to retrace his biographical and artistic journey more than fifty years after his death. Gnoli has a style that cannot be easily labeled, and his works of art do not conform to the artistic trends of the second half of the 20th century even if his influences range from the Renaissance to the contemporary. Since 1964, Gnoli has focused on the detail of a human body or an object, using a photographic approach that imparts a distinctive materiality.

The works selected together with Fondazione Prada represent a new and prestigious chapter in an important project devoted to art.

Luxottica for Art aims to make beauty accessible to everyone by displaying artistic and cultural heritage masterpieces on digital screens located at key locations in various cities. Set up in 2020 with the aim of promoting culture during the pandemic period, the initiative has crossed national borders and has become an open-air museum that nurtures people’s sense of belonging, feeding a sense of community and sharing pure beauty, with no boundaries or limits.

Luxottica remains committed to protecting and promoting cultural heritage, constantly increasing its efforts to share beauty with an ever wider audience.

Published on Feb 04 2022