Luxottica for Art: the works of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana on Luxottica screens in Milan

Luxottica for Art: the works of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana on Luxottica screens in Milan

Luxottica for Art: le opere della Pinacoteca Ambrosiana sugli schermi Luxottica di Milano

Art is one of the Italian excellences of the world.  Luxottica, as a company that embodies the excellence of "Made in Italy" eyewear internationally, has always carried out initiatives to promote and protect cultural heritage as part of its sustainability vision. For this reason, the Group is announcing an innovative project  launch focused on the enhancement of art in Milan.

Thanks to an agreement with the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, six of the most famous works from the permanent collection – those among the greatest masterpieces of all time – will be accessible to citizens and tourists. Over the course of one month, from 19 October to 15 November, the six pieces of fine art will be displayed  in both a free and digital display on the large screens that Luxottica has placed in three symbolic locations of the city: Piazzale Cadorna, Corso Matteotti and Piazza Cordusio.

The collaboration between the Group and the Ambrosiana  – established in 1607 – was born with the intention of promoting culture, especially during unprecedented times where the spread of works of art through new and innovative methods has become a necessity. In a situation where cultural activities cannot involve a large flow of visitors, Luxottica makes its transmission capabilities available to spread art and beauty in unusual and busy places, so as many people as possible can stop and appreciate them. A process of democratization of art that fits perfectly within Luxottica's vision of sustainability: "To see the beauty of life", that is to catch the beauty of life in all its aspects.

The selected works, covering a time span from the second half of the 15th to the 19th century, are: Canestra di frutta by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Vaso di fiori con gioiello, monete e conchiglie by Jan Brueghel the Elder known as "Dei Velluti" , Giovanni Migliara's Arco della Pace in Milan, Hendrick Avercamp's Paesaggio invernale con pattinatori, Leonardo da Vinci's Ritratto di  musico and Giovanni Ambrogio De Predis's Ritratto di Dama.

The initiative has been made possible thanks to a constructive dialogue between Luxottica and the city's museums. The aim is to make art accessible to all, allowing us to rediscover its value and showing the huge cultural heritage that surrounds us, a way to bring more life and beauty to the city that hosts the Group’s headquarters.

Published on Oct 19 2020