Brazil is a clear example of the Luxottica’s approach to international expansion. The Group entered the South American country at the beginning of the 90s with a wholesale branch.


The relationships Luxottica built with customers early on, based on trust and mutual respect, and the constructive exchange of ideas and perspectives on the market gave the Company a unique understanding of the territory and local culture as well as consumer tastes and expectations.

The next step came in 2011 when Luxottica entered Brazil's retail segment opening its first 11 Sunglass Hut shops. The number eventually rose to around 100 stores with the last 30 opened in 2016. 2011 was also marked by a growing presence in the country with the purchase of Grupo Tecnol, one of Brazil's main players in the eyewear sector. And thus it became the owner of an integrated platform including a factory in Campinas, a logistics centre in Jundiai, both in the state of Sao Paulo, and wholesale distribution throughout the country.

Luxottica's objective is to become a household name in Brazil, maintaining the high levels of excellence that set it apart. This means being involved at every level of the business: importing technologies, innovative processes and quality standards that characterise Luxottica production throughout the world, improving services so that they become as high as the Group's own levels. It also means getting to know the country and the culture on a deeper level. The local company is now part of a global group with shared values, principles, working methods and objectives, but at the same time speaks the local language, invests in local talent and promotes cultural, social and economic development in the area.

Just a few months after the purchase, the company started the production of proprietary brands in Campinas: Vogue Eyewear, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Arnette. These "made in Brazil" collections are designed and created for the local market, with the extremely high quality that distinguishes all the Group's products. Brand communications also interpret and enhance the country's distinctive features. Consumer involvement is immediate. Sales increase and local production accelerates rapidly: the Campinas structure produces 50% of the Luxottica eyewear sold in Brazil.

Luxottica's international expansion has another keynote: people. A precious resource and a decisive factor in its success. In Brazil, and in the other countries where it operates, Luxottica employs mainly local people: in total, Luxottica employees in the country went from around 230 in 2010, to around 1,700 in 2016. Luxottica invests in the professional and individual growth of its employees, respecting and promoting cultural diversities, developing quality training and the transfer of knowledge within the Group, and incentivising the collaboration and synergies between different productive contexts and shared values. Today, "made in Brazil" is synonymous with "made in Luxottica" quality even in our working methods.

Published on Apr 10 2017