Luxottica Campus Program

29 Sep 2020 - 12:20 PM

Internship opportunities at Salmoiraghi & Viganò, VistaSì and Ray-Ban stores

Milan (Italy), 29th September 2020 – Luxottica is investing in young opticians with the first launch of a professional training and job placement program dedicated to the best recent graduates from Italian optics schools.

The Campus Program offers aspiring optics professionals the opportunity to participate in 80 internships, in which the recent graduates will be able to apply their skills in the unique environment of Luxottica’s retail stores. The Salmoiraghi & Viganò, VistaSì and Ray-Ban stores in Italy will host the interns for a total of six months. The goal of this initiative is to open a preferential gateway to the most deserving and motivated young graduates in a dynamic environment within both the Luxottica world and the international eyecare and eyewear market. Furthermore, the program will aim to encourage their individual growth within the company, opening virtuous paths of generational change and introducing new skills and stimuli from eager young professionals.

Selected individuals will work alongside the retail store staff and gain full understanding of the profession, from examinations to sales and direct customer consultations. The most outstanding interns during this period will receive an induction award of 2,500 euros and a fixed-term contract of six months, with potential to be renewed as a permanent contract.

With the Campus Program, Luxottica Retail Italia introduces a new strategic line of business focused on youth. In this increasingly complex and ever-evolving market, Luxottica firmly believes that the industry’s future depends on the professional development and nurturing of talent through hands-on training, work experience programs and opportunities for specialization. In this context, the creation of an internal network of talents is an indispensable lever for business growth and the quality of the services offered.

We are living this period with a strong desire for rebirth”, commented Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio, Head of Retail Italy, “We are looking forward with great energy and we believe that it is the right moment to invest in young people. The sector’s future must be built day by day together with the many talents who approach the world of optics with passion. My personal experience confirms how important it is to enhance and promote training to cultivate highly specialized technical skills without forgetting commercial attention to the customer. People have always been our priority at Luxottica and we want to build new training courses to make this evident both now and in the near future”.

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Last updated: Sep 30 2020