Luxottica celebrates 20 years of growth and partnership in China

Luxottica celebrates 20 years of growth and partnership in China

Luxottica celebrated twenty years of business in China with an event on Saturday, November 11th at its state-of-the-art Tristar facility in Dongguan, China.

Luxottica celebrates 20 years of growth and partnership in China

In Dongguan, Luxottica found a favourable environment perfect for growth, characterised by an industrial culture that is both innovative and high-standards. Tristar, which serves as Luxottica’s manufacturing and distribution hub in China, is responsible for approximately 46% of the Group’s total production. It spans 250,000 square metres, with 12,000 employees, 3 plants, and a new distribution centre with an integrated central lens laboratory. In keeping with Luxottica’s model of vertical integration, Tristar enables the Company to integrate every phase of the production cycle from the beginning, rather than outsource the stages to outside suppliers. This guarantees the same high level of quality and efficiency, as well as the superior working conditions, in line with the Group's international standards. 

The site perfectly mirrors the Luxottica Italian factory model in China, while continuing to fit into the local culture. Today it manufactures frames, components and decorations with the same precision and quality of the other plants, including cutting-edge tools, processes and systems. The facility also shares the Group’s commitment to sustainability, including the minimisation of environmental impact and the development of innovative welfare policies for the local population. Tristar employees have access to on-site housing, nine canteens capable of serving up a lot of different combinations of dishes every day, in respect for the many cultures and cuisines that exist in China, two medical centres, counselling services, transportation services dedicated areas for recreational activities, sports, and socialisation and an official newspaper. It has become a community all its own.

Tristar, which manufactures frames in metal, acetate and injected materials in addition to sun and prescription lenses as well as decorations, serves Luxottica’s consumers across the entire Asia-Pacific region. The site tripled its surface area in 2016 and completely modernized its ophthalmic lens and lab technologies and equipment. Over recent years, in addition to the local design and prototyping department, a skills centre was created to make scale replicas of the industrial robotic applications developed and standardised in Italy. This approach to innovation makes it possible to create increasingly smart breakthrough solutions that are also highly customized, as well as unique know-how in the eyewear industry.

Luxottica’s investments in the region have had a significant impact in terms of economic and social development. For this reason, in 2016, Mr. Francavilla was instated as an honorary citizen of Dongguan, the highest honour granted by the municipality to a non-Asian foreigner, to emphasise the importance of the solid and long-lasting relationship between the Company and the territory. 

The strong industrial development of Luxottica in the larger Guangdong area has also played an important role in supporting the Group’s commercial growth in the vast Chinese market, which represents about 3% of its sales and an increasing appreciation for its Made in Italy collections. In China, Luxottica also manages a network of approximately 300 stores, including about 90 Ray-Ban single-brand stores, all of which opened over the past two years and were met with great success.  The network also includes nearly 60 Sunglass Hut locations, a notable chain in the local sunglasses segment. The Group’s strategy in China today is focused on the direct sale of its products to the end consumer, investing in both the physical store network expansion and the growth of the proprietary e-commerce platforms, while developing the equity of the brands in its portfolio, particularly Ray-Ban, and fighting against counterfeiting.

Complementing its presence in the region, OneSight, the non-profit organization founded and supported by Luxottica, has started an ambitious project in China in partnership with Stanford University. The project aims to provide comprehensive eye exams and eyeglasses to children who live in rural areas of the country and lack access.

Published on Dec 05 2017