Luxottica finalizes the acquisition of Barberini S.p.A. in Italy

30 Aug 2019 - 06:02 PM

Milan (Italy), August 30, 2019 – Luxottica Group S.p.A., a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of fashion, luxury and sports eyewear, completes today the acquisition of Barberini S.p.A., the world's leading optical glass sun lens manufacturer.

The acquisition allows the Group to strengthen its "made in Italy" production and its know-how in glass sun and prescription lenses, always considered a success factor for the iconic models of Ray-Ban and Persol. Luxottica adds to its excellent manufacturing presence in Italy the Barberini industrial site in Abruzzo (Italy).

Luxottica will invest in Barberini to create a worldwide brand synonymous with excellence in highquality optical glass lenses. Barberini will continue to operate with all eyewear producers that want to differentiate their products by adding the uniqueness of optical glass to their lenses.

“I see a future of success for Barberini not only as a supplier of the most important eyewear manufacturers, but also as a commercial brand that consumers can buy from the best opticians around the world. We welcome Barberini’s employees to our family”, comments Leonardo Del Vecchio, Executive Chairman of Luxottica.

About Barberini

Founded by Pietro Barberini in 1963, Barberini is a key manufacturer of high quality optical glass lenses for the most prestigious eyewear brands around the world, with exclusive and sophisticated technical features. For more than fifty years, the company has developed new technologies and patents designed to expand applications of this material, which is unique for purity and clarity, in sun and ophthalmic lenses. Advancements have been made to characteristics such as thickness, weight, resistance and transparency while enhancing vivid and saturated colors, also thanks to the application in the glass melting processes of special oxides (“Terre Rare”). With annual net sales of approximately Euro 85 million, Barberini controls its entire manufacturing chain, from raw material to finished lenses, with a cutting-edge industrial site in Abruzzo (Italy), a plant in Germany for glass melting, and advanced technologies for the production of polarizing films for sun lenses.

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Last updated: Aug 30 2019