Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 4:30pm

Milan,  February  2017  –  Luxottica  Group  (MTA:  LUX;  NYSE:  LUX)  announced  its  participation  as exhibitor in the next edition of MIDO, the trade show dedicated to eyewear and optics, to be held in Milan from 25 to 27 February 2017. Redesigned for great visual impact, the eyewear giant’s booth will be devoted to its proprietary brands Oakley and Ray-Ban.

As one of the most iconic brands in the industry, Oakley models and collections have always been preferred spontaneously by the best athletes in the world for their sports and athletic performances. Created in California in 1975, Oakley is today one of the world’s leading brands in product design and high-performance sports eyewear. Oakley holds more than 750 patents, and leverages its design and innovation expertise to create men’s and women’s eyewear designed for sports and an active, casual lifestyle.
Founded as far back as 1937 to manufacture lenses for air force pilots and intrepid pioneers, Ray-Ban has become a global legend and earned a reputation as an icon of success, constantly looking into the future for inspiration. The brand is recognized as an eyewear industry leader and continues to explore new frontiers with high-tech lenses that embody its core values: unwavering courage and adventurous spirit.
At MIDO 2017, Luxottica will present the Oakley world, and in particular its Prizm lenses, based on a new technology that adjusts visibility for some specific sports and environments. By enhancing colors where the eye is more sensitive to detail, the Prizm lens technology improves performance and  ensures  greater  safety,  as  it  increases  visibility  without  the  limitations  of  traditional  coloured lenses.
A large section is dedicated to the Ray-Ban brand and its new range of ChromanceTM sun lenses, which promises to revolutionize consumers’ world view and take their colour experience to the next level. This innovative model accentuates colour contrasts to provide sharper, more defined images, down to the smallest detail. By calibrating light, ChromanceTM lenses make the spectrum of visible colours lighter and brighter, filtering out harmful UV rays and eliminating glare, for an even more faithful rendering of all the nuances of reality.
The  new  Ray-Ban  ophthalmic  lenses  presented  at  the  Luxottica  booth  are  also  an  impressive combination of cutting-edge design and next-generation technology. Debuting first in Italy and then worldwide by the end of the year, Ray-ban ophthalmic lenses are a natural extension of the brand. From now on, Ray-Ban glasses will really be custom made for the wearer, with lenses that allow the brand’s fans to combine the style they love with the ophthalmic lenses they need.
Through advanced manufacturing technologies and painstaking quality controls, the new 100% Ray-Ban ophthalmic lenses can always be perfectly fitted into Ray-Ban frames, whatever the ophthalmologist’s prescription. The tolerance check, performed as the last step in the process, ensures that all vision correction needs are perfectly met by the selected Ray-Ban model.
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Published on Feb 23 2017