Luxottica Group Private Ordinary Founder of Teatro alla Scala

14 Nov 2016 - 02:35 PM

The Teatro alla Scala and Luxottica Group are pleased to announce that Luxottica will undertake a collaboration with the Teatro alla Scala as a Private Ordinary Founder. The agreement combines the internationally renowned Italian cultural institution and a Group that brings creativity and Italian style to the world.

"When a company of Italian excellence such as Luxottica decides to work with us to bring to the world the culture of our country, we can only be happy. Being in Milan to give this important message of unity and strength makes us even more proud. This is the road on which we must continue to create more and more synergies to attract visitors and grow our city,the Milan City Mayor Giuseppe Sala says.

"We are proud to have on our side as Private Ordinary Founder an Italian company that has earned a vast international market thanks to the quality of its design and the excellence of its products," the Superintendent of the Teatro alla Scala Alexander Pereira comments. "These are the values that make our productions for the Teatro alla Scala unique and equally appreciated on a global level."

"The Teatro alla Scala is the best example of the cultural richness, Italian sensitivity and passion for beauty that for more than fifty years we try to translate in our creations," concludes Leonardo Del Vecchio, Executive Chairman of Luxottica. "With this collaboration we pay tribute to the country and its history to which we owe so much, as well as to one of its most prestigious institutions. With this step we strengthen the bond with the City of Milan and its artistic and thought-vitality, essential to continue drawing with style and pragmatism our future."

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