Luxottica Investors Experience OneSight

Luxottica Investors Experience OneSight

Luxottica Investors got the chance to learn about OneSight


Luxottica Investors got the chance to learn about OneSight during Luxottica’s Investor Days held in Cincinnati Oct. 7-9. As part of their OneSight immersion, investors: 

  • Were introduced to OneSight’s mission by Dr. Jason Singh, Executive Director.
  • Had the opportunity to tour EyeLeen and EyeVan, OneSight Vision Vans providing comprehensive vision care and eyewear for underserved populations across North America.
  • Got hands on and helped manufacture new eyewear for OneSight’s Mexico Clinic and the OneSight Vision Center at Oyler School in the OneSight Resource Center located within Luxottica’s Mason-Ohio headquarters.
  • Visited the OneSight Vision Center at Oyler School, where 21 investors had the opportunity to dispense a new pair of glasses to a Cincinnati public school student.
  • Enjoyed lunch in the Oyler School gym, where they heard about the impact the OneSight Vision Center is having on students from Jami Luggen, Oyler’s Community Resource Coordinator and Dr. Terri Gossard, Board Member for the Ohio Optometric Association.

The Investor Relations team is inviting feedback from all participants as part of their follow-up survey. Here’s some of their feedback the team received so far:

“Dear all, once again I would like to extend my thanks to you all for the excellent investor trip in Cincinnati and Mason. Thank you also again for a flawless organization of the whole event and lastly, many thanks for the OneSight presentation and on-site visit: it made me realise both the extent of the issue and the truly remarkable action of OneSight to tackle it.”

Olivier Rudigoz, BNP Paribas


“During the Luxottica Investor Day in Cincinnati, I had the opportunity to feel how OneSight organization is working hard to help poor people worldwide giving them the access to quality vision care. In particular, I touched with my hands the happiness of children in watching their life from a different perspective having the opportunity to SEE THE FUTURE. I would like suggesting OneSight as a potential new project for Main First Charity future pipeline and would love giving more details and explaining my experience with OneSight as well.”

Simone Ragazzi, Main First


Anecdotal feedback indicates OneSight was a highlight in an overall successful Cincinnati event! Here’s what one attendee had to say in an email to Dr. Singh:

“Thanks so much for such an inspiring introduction to the wonderful work you and your colleagues do at OneSight. Luxottica’s investor program was already extremely insightful. Your program added another dimension to understanding the company's larger mission.”

David Theobald, President of Global Growth Investments

Published on Dec 03 2013