Luxottica repurposes its Oakley Factory in California to produce Face Shields

14 Sep 2020 - 03:30 PM

First 140,000 protective face shields will be donated to U.S. hospitals

New York, NY (September 14, 2020) – Luxottica Group announced today that it has repurposed a part of its factory in Orange County, California to supply face shields to meet the growing demand for coverage amid COVID-19. The 550,000 square foot facility in the Foothill Ranch neighborhood typically produces thousands of units of Oakley eyewear and goggles each day. The company refocused personnel and operations to build face shields alongside existing product. Luxottica will donate the first 140,000 face shields to front line workers in hospitals around the country.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Luxottica and its brands including Oakley and Costa have donated tens of thousands of protective eyewear, goggles and masks to hospitals and other institutions in areas where it has a large presence including Southern California, New York, Atlanta, Cincinnati and South Florida. It also provided masks to thousands of its wholesale customers across North America.

We have seen the best of humanity over the past few months in our communities and among our own employees at Luxottica,” said Fabrizio Uguzzoni, President of Luxottica Wholesale North America. “But the reality is the virus isn’t going to disappear in the short term and the need for protection remains critical. As we look to do our part, it’s clear we have the capacity, resources and talent to make a real impact, starting with our strong suit – designing and manufacturing the highest quality eyewear.

The Oakley Face Shields will be made from a mix of Polycarbonate, acetate, PET or APET. Compatible with N95 respirator masks and protective eyewear, the shields meet ANSI Z87.1 standards for protection against droplets.

Luxottica’s Oakley brand is known around the world as a leader in performance and sport eyewear. From Olympic athletes and NFL players to everyday heroes, its frames have helped to protect and enhance the vision of consumers for decades. Now essential workers in our neighboring hospitals will be wearing a protective product from the team.

The Foothill Ranch facility has been modified with COVID-19 health and safety measures in mind, including enhanced cleaning protocols, a redesigned layout to accommodate social and physical distancing and mandated the use of company issued face masks by employees.

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Last updated: Sep 14 2020