Luxottica believes in the continuous learning of its employees as a tool to develop and strengthen individual skills and build leaders who will shape the future of the Group.


To do this successfully, the training must be done without neglecting the wealth of values, knowledge and experience that each individual brings with them to the company.

The progressive centralization of training initiatives and tools led to the creation of Luxottica University, accessible to all Group employees online, in the classroom and, for store employees, in the store. The program has an innovative approach to learning: put people in the position of being the architects of their own growth instead of passive bystanders. With an objective to renew the culture of education, we made it autonomous, always accessible  and constantly evolving as the industry does over time.

Since 2018, Luxottica University has been available as a digital platform, reaching store associates and office employees in all geographies. The platform offers content in about 20 languages and is accessible anywhere and at any time. It makes use of meetings in a classroom setting and at the point of sale to teach valuable skills that can impact performance: from sales techniques to the development of soft skills to better serve the consumer.

"Learning in the flow of work" is one of the three pillars on which this model is based: each employee becomes an active protagonist of his own training and growth path, in perfect synergy with the evolution of his or her career path.

"Learning to learn" is the second pillar, ensuring that people feel responsible for their training and learn to take advantage of every opportunity to gain new knowledge. Even informal opportunities, including one-on-one coffees, lunches and team meetings, prove valuable for exchanging insights and are encouraged.

The third pillar is "Never stop learning": to support the most productive and flexible work environment, it is essential for Luxottica University to stay up-to-date, presenting employees with new skills as the market requires them.

As part of its learning experience for the retail side of the business, Luxottica University has launched a pilot program called "Power of 10 minutes". Employees in retail stores across the United States and Italy are encouraged to dedicate ten minutes a day to training, which has had significant results on the impact of their daily work.

Through Luxottica University, people learning and development plays a strategic role in fully contributing to the business’ success.

Published on May 02 2019