MaaM: maternity as a Master. Parents as mindful leaders

MaaM: maternity as a Master. Parents as mindful leaders

The idea behind is simple: becoming parents is one of the most powerful experiences of a person's life. A time of intellectual growth and explosion of energy, in which they develop skills that are also fundamental at work. "Maam: Maternity as a Master" was born from this idea of Riccarda Zezza and Andrea Vitullo. A training program that turns parenting skills into leadership skills. With extraordinary achievements. Luxottica has just started it, we’re talking about here.

MaaM: maternity as a Master. parents as mindful leaders

The birth of a child is a revolution for the family: the new mother and the new father have to manage a complex system, which is fed by the intensity of the relationships and activates new skills in both parents. It all starts from managing the change, which requires to reorganize everyday life to "make room" for the newcomer. Being a parent means optimizing time and resources, set goals and priorities, eliminate the unnecessary. Mothers, as well as fathers, are also authoritative leaders, which motivate and convey confidence, understand the needs and desires, help the child to grow as an independent and self-conscious person. They manage daily conflicts and crises through listening, finding creative solutions, negotiating. And lastly they decide, thus ensuring balance in the family system.

"MaaM-Maternity as a Master" helps to recognize these skills, which are naturally activated, but must be brought to focus in order to be effectively transferred to the working world. At the same time, MaaM allows you to "take home" the professional skills, building a bridge between work and private life, with mutual benefits.

Why maternal leadership is so important? Because it is a current leadership model, grounded on caring, empathy, active listening and sharing. Luxottica has already adopted this approach, fostering meaningful conversations between managers and their collaborators, the culture of feedback, caring about people and their wellbeing in the company.

The first MaaM workshop for new parents Luxotticans was held in Milan on 11 December. The upcoming meetings are scheduled for the early months of 2015. We'll talk, stay tuned!

Published on Dec 18 2014