Made by Luxottica: Digital Enters Boutiques for a Unique Shopping Experience

Made by Luxottica: Digital Enters Boutiques for a Unique Shopping Experience

Luxottica has always pioneered innovations designed to rethink the conventions of its industry. In recent years, the company has heavily invested in digitalization, supporting opticians with cutting-edge tools and opportunities. 

Made by Luxottica: Digital Enters Boutiques for a Unique Shopping Experience

Such is the case with the Smart Shopper, which, partly due to the pandemic has played in the evolution of consumer shopping habits, offers a unique and completely personalized shopping journey.

This intuitive and engaging tool allows you to digitally explore the wide variety of Luxottica collections and brands with user-friendly categories and innovative features. The Smart Shopper also enables you to personalize a selection of Ray-Ban and Oakley brands, choosing together with the optician, your ideal look with custom combinations of lenses, temples, colors and case, as well as the option to engrave a message on the lenses (Oakley), temples (Ray-Ban) or case, making the experience of choosing your glasses truly unique.

The Smart Shopper also makes it possible to explore Luxottica collections beyond the models stocked in-store, offering access to an unlimited product catalog and allowing consumers, thanks to augmented reality technologies, to virtually ‘try on’ models and versions even when they are not physically available.

This innovative technology doesn’t just benefit optical customers. Armani, one of the most prestigious brand licenses in Luxottica’s portfolio, is also breaking new ground in the eyewear shopping experience by installing the first ‘Tower Shopper’, entirely ‘made by Luxottica’, inside the prestigious Emporio Armani boutique on Via Manzoni, in the Via Montenapoleone area of Milan, the birthplace of the brand.  Launched during Milan Fashion Week, the Tower is strategically located near the corner devoted to the brand’s eyewear and makes it possible to present consumers with the brand’s entire catalog. In this case, the experience is completed by the ‘virtual try on’ for each product variant, thanks to a QR code that allows you to virtually wear the eyewear from the comfort of your own device and take a photo to share on social media, making the experience interactive.

Published on Jan 13 2022