Luxottica considers the skills and expertise earned during the years by its employees a capital of inestimable value. For this reason, it is particularly committed to showing its appreciation for those who distinguished themselves for their dedication to their work, a sense of belonging, and company loyalty, contributing with their expertise to promote constant growth in economic-financial terms as well as intangible assets.


The Group guarantees the continuous development of know-how and skills thanks to special “ambassadors” so called our “Maestri del Lavoro” or Masters of Work, who in addition to doing their daily jobs, dedicate themselves to the transfer of their expertise in this field to new generations.

The Maestri del Lavoro are Italian citizens, workers who have distinguished themselves for their professionalism, work ethic, and integrity, and for this reason were rewarded with the Star of Merit. This prestigious honor, born in 1924, is bestowed every year on May 1st, Labor Day, by a Decree of the President of the Italian Republic according to a proposal of the Ministry of Labor, upon no more than 1000 workers. The candidates are presented by companies to special commissions instituted at the Interregional Labor Offices.

In addition to years of experience, which must exceed 25 consecutive years in the same company, in order to obtain the title of Maestro del Lavoro, the employee must also have at least one of the following requisites:

  • have distinguished him/herself for professionalism, work ethic, and rectitude
  • have improved the efficiency of tools, machinery, and working methods with inventions or innovations in the field of technology and production
  • have made an original contribution to the improvement of work safety measures
  • have been selected to train and prepare new generations in their professional activity.

The honor is also granted to those who have carried out their jobs abroad and been singled out for their patriotism, work ethic, and status as a role model for their countrymen.

Among its more than 10,000 Italian employees, Luxottica is particularly proud of being able to count 42 Maestri del Lavoro, which represents an extraordinary professional and human accomplishment as well as a model that continues to inspire everyone working with the Group, especially young people.

Published on Apr 12 2017