The magical allure of the new MVSA eyewear line

The magical allure of the new MVSA eyewear line

Coloured and irresistible, the stars of the new Bvlgari eyewear line are hard, natural gemstones.


Known for stylistic audacity and a penchant for colour, Bvlgari pieces are immediately recognizable. Designing with the sensuality of volume, a love of linearity and a constant reverence for Bvlgari’s Greek and Roman roots, these iconic features are found in each of Bvlgari creations. Harmonized with Rome’s ancient history, Bvlgari incorporates the city’s symbols while innovating its design for the future.

MVSA, the new extraordinary jewellery collection by Bvlgari, pays tribute to the Muses of ancient Greek mythology. A source of female inspiration for artists of all ages, the Muses lived on Mount Olympus and were the personification of various aspects of human creativity – from song to literature, from poetry to dance. Similarly, Bvlgari, master in coloured gemstones, represents its Olympus in the world of contemporary luxury jewellery.

The new eyewear line by Luxottica echoes the bold design of the MVSA jewellery collection with its exceptional gemstones in distinctive shapes and volumes. Pieces of unmistakable beauty, infused with a distinctive sense of architectural volume, inspired by the outlines, lights and colours of Rome where ancient history can take on new and contemporary vibes.

The stars of the MVSA eyewear line are four hard, natural gemstones: agate, amber, rose quartz and tiger eye. Cut en cabochon in order to best display silky lustre and a mysteriously feminine feeling, these gems are at the heart of the frames and irresistibly shine on sun and optical models.

Published on Jan 08 2015