Marianella Sclavi "A good listener is an explorer of possible worlds"

Marianella Sclavi "A good listener is an explorer of possible worlds"

“Active listening” is a crucial skill for all social relationship, in private life and at work. But what does it mean? Marianella Sclavi - sociologist, Professor of Urban Ethnography at the Milan Polytechnic and expert in listening and creative conflict management  - tells us in this video.


Active listening requires a change of attitude: from judging, “I’m right-you’re wrong”, to exploring the reasons and experiences of others. “In order to understand what another person is saying, you must assume that he/she is right and ask him/her to help you to understand why it is so” says Marianella Sclavi in one of the seven rules of the art of listening.

Luxottica interviewed her as part of the “ListeningXp”, a series of meetings with cultural, science  and business personalities. Invited to offer Luxotticans new perspectives on the characteristics of the company with the aim to keep an open mind and be receptive to the world’s stimuli.

A good listener is an “explorer of possible worlds”, he – or she - accepts and respects the difference of opinions and is not afraid of questioning one’s convictions and certainties to learn new, creative and shared solutions.

What about Luxottica? In a multicultural context, the opportunities to practice active listening are numerous and the variety of ideas and perspectives that arise enables us to see things in a way not previously foreseen. Active listening in a company is therefore a powerful tool to make effective decisions, multiplying the points of view and possible options before deciding. As Marianella Sclavi suggests “looking for a creative solution different from the starting options, this means you have learned something new listening to others".

Published on Dec 29 2014