Meet the Team!

Meet the Team!

The Team Outside L.L.Bean!

It’s my second day in the beautiful town of Portland Maine and it’s the day before the clinic begins. 

Today is actually our off day which I’m told usually comes at the end of a clinic, but due to it being Easter next Sunday, we are reversing the trend and having our fun day before our clinic begins, which is just fine with me!

But before I get into our activities today, let me introduce you to the wonderful people on the clinic team.  What a fun, passionate and diverse group of folks!

Firstly my room-mate, JD.  JD is a Sunglass Hut store manager and is an accomplished musician, has a great sense of fun and humor, but he does need to work on his mimicking of my British accent!  I have no doubt he’ll have it down by the time we leave here in a week.

Scott is our clinic manager and has just come back from an international clinic in China, flew into Boston and picked up our vision van Eyeleen and drove it up here to Portland.  He must have super human stamina! 

Paul is the local man here in town and is the lab manager at the only LensCrafters store in Portland.  I was amazed to learn Paul was the inventor of Chabella glasses, which revolutionized the ability for One Sight to be able to provide eye wear to a much greater amount of recipients by widening the Rx range we could accommodate as well as matching the Rx much more closely.  We are in the presence of One Sight royalty!

We have two Sears store managers from New York, Mark and Geri.  I completely love their accents, even though they both say that I have an accent and they don’t!

Our third Sears person is Lisa who is a regional manager based in Texas.  Over the years Lisa and I have crossed paths many times over the phone and so to meet her in person is a long overdue honor!

Jorge works out at Foothill Ranch for Oakley and definitely brings the cool Oakley vibe with him, as well as a couple of really fabulous customized pairs of Oakley frames with One Sight ’14 engraved on the lenses!  I will definitely be bidding on those in our silent auction!

Roberto works for LensCrafters and is our production manager for this clinic.  I can’t wait to watch him in action in the lab and begin to learn how we make glasses on site for the kids that are in need.

Fran works at the Mason home office with me and we actually partnered together on the SAP conversion for Target Optical, Sears Optical and Pearle vision last May.  I am really looking forward to partnering with her again during the clinic!

And last but not by any means least is David.  David is also a Sunglass Hut store manager and definitely brings a cool vibe and hip tunes to the team.  He is also driving some of us around in a mini-van, which he claims he’s never driven before – but I don’t know, he seems so at home in it!

So that’s the wonderful group of people I get to work with over the next few days as well as plenty of willing and able volunteers from Anthem who are kindly supporting this clinic.

But as for today – we got to see a little of Portland and its surrounding beauty!

Paul took us on an excursion on a Ferry over to Peaks Island which is a quaint little place with some bay view restaurants and small quirky little stores.

Although the weather was a little more inclement than it was yesterday (a 30 degree drop in temperature!!) we all loved the picturesque ride over and back on the ferry.

While we were on Peaks Island, Paul took us to the ‘Inn on Peaks Island’ where we had the most incredible lunch.

After heading back to the mainland, we stopped by the hotel and picked up Lisa who arrived to join us and then we headed off to the home of L.L.Bean – the first location for the famous outdoors-wear company.  The surrounding town of Freeport was also full of other great stores to shop and our time there flew by!

So here I am, it’s 8pm and almost time for the clinic to begin in earnest.  So the next time you hear from me, I’m going to be sharing my experiences from the first day of helping the world to see.

I can’t wait!

Published on Apr 13 2014