Memories for a Lifetime

Memories for a Lifetime

Anyone that's ever experienced anti-climax will understand that it's a gut wrenching feeling of loss.  You yearn for something you had that's not there anymore.  I suspect, like me, my clinic team mates are experiencing this feeling right now.  Sitting back in the normality of my work environment, i'm wondering when will it be time for me to leave for the clinic site?  What job will I have today?  What fun things will transpire between my team, myself and the kids?  But i'm not going to clinic today, i'm back to my regular schedule and that's why i'm experiencing this feeling of anti-climax.

Memories for a Lifetime

I miss my team, I miss the camaraderie and I miss the sense of purpose.  I always wondered why fellow associates who had been on a clinic came back and said that they couldn't wait to go on their next - now I think I get it.

As I reflect back on my week in Portland, I think about the number of firsts I experienced as an individual and the number of firsts we all experienced as a team:

  • Several of the team were on their first OneSight clinic, including myself
  • This was the first clinic of its kind - a hybrid where we took Eyeleen to a different school everyday to serve different school districts
  • A first for clinic coordinator Paul Craven, who not only fought and worked tirelessly to have the clinic happen in his home town, but also completed a circle of life.  Paul's Grandfather was a Pharmacist in the small town of Biddeford and it wasn't until after his passing that many unpaid invoices for medication were found in his records.  Paul's Grandfather had provided free healthcare to those in need and many years later, Paul took us to Biddeford to continue his Grandfather's legacy in providing free eyewear to those in need.  We could tell how much this meant to Paul and it touched all of our hearts.
  • I had my first ever lobster!  It may also be my last, but that's another story!
  • On our final day, we visited a lighthouse in Portland that just seemed to be a wonderful epitome of the place itself - rugged beauty.

So it's with extreme pride, passion for OneSight, thankfulness for my Team mates and of course our clinic partners Anthem, that I sign off from my duties as 'Sir Blogs A Lot' (Aptly so named by Paul) for the first ever Portland ME clinic. 

Thank you OneSight for the opportunity, the experience and the memories that will remain with me for the rest of my life.

By the way, in order to feel anti-climax, you have to have first experienced climax.  If you haven't already... apply for a OneSight mission, you won't regret it.

Joe 'Sir Blogs A Lot' Cummings

Published on Apr 22 2014