The New Persol Protectors at the Heart of Adventure

The New Persol Protectors at the Heart of Adventure

They have protected the eyes of the century’s most intrepid explorers.

The New Persol Protectors at the Heart of Adventure

They’ve accompanied the first high-altitude ventures in the 1930s and even made their way into Formula 1, where they became icons of daring challenges and impeccable style.

Today, the Persol Protectors are back in a restyled limited edition version, ready to break new ground at two of the world’s most exclusive sporting events: the 2022 edition of the famous Dakar Classic race and The I.C.E. (International Concours of Elegance) in St.Moritz. From racing in the desert to competing on a frozen lake, Persol Protectors are synonymous with the pursuit of adventure and the desire to challenge fate in the most extreme conditions for the sake of competition in its noblest form.

For the famous desert rally, Persol charted a new course through the eyes of Agostino Rizzardi and Alberto Vassallo, who raced a Porsche 911 (964) Safari. From dunes to frozen water, Persol has partnered with The I.C.E., a prestigious race that takes place on the beautiful Lake St. Moritz and celebrates the cultural value of automotive style.

The new Persol Protectors are a symbol of visionary excellence that stop at nothing to achieve its goal. Simple and functional, they feature a charismatic design with a silver metal frame and flexible hinged temples that are perfectly integrated and customized for a tailored fit. The elegant mirrored lenses are complemented by the model’s most iconic detail: the addition of an exquisite handcrafted finish, a removable black real leather band that acts as a blinker that can protect against sweat, dust and icy wind even on the most rugged terrain. The glasses are supplied in a stylish black leather case, ready to take on any new adventure.

Published on Feb 03 2022