New York and London. The new modules of the Coaching Academy

New York and London. The new modules of the Coaching Academy

Launched last October in Milan, the first edition of the Coaching Academy - an international training program designed for Luxottica's Managers - has just ended with the modules of New York and London. 

New York e Londra. Le nuove tappe della Coaching Academy

12 managers of Luxottica coming from different countries and functions attended the first edition of the Coaching Academy. During four months, they shared a goal: to bring their own leadership style into focus and develop advanced managerial skills and coaching techniques, alternating moments of group training and practice on the field with their team and peers.

Hosted in Milan, New York and London, the three stages of the program have been developed with an outstanding guide, Jan Ardui, the internationally renowned coach. Each city a central topic.

  • Influencing with integrity, in Milan. Where they learned that being a leader means not only being aware of your strengths and weaknesses, but also being able to develop this awareness in your collaborators, stimulating them to seize new challenges and helping them fulfill their potential.
  • Expressing tough empathy, in New York. Any manager-coach has to deal with a challenge: to be demanding and supportive at the same time with her/his team. It means tune into the people, listen to them, but also give honest feedback, sometimes not easy to receive, encourage them to get out their comfort zone and put themselves to the test to find out unexpressed strengths.
  • Generative collaborations, in London. Responsibility, diversity, confrontation, feedback. These are some of the keywords of the last stage of the Coaching Academy. A manager-coach should drive a team to express its excellence. How? Empowering and leaving each member the necessary space to express her/his potential. Fostering a meaningful conversation based on confrontation, enhancing diversity and continuous feedback exchange.


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Published on Feb 09 2015