The nine faces of Australia

The nine faces of Australia

What's your face shape? If you feel confident with your answer, skip to the link below. Otherwise don't worry, you're not alone. Many people are unsure about it. Knowing the shape of your face is crucial when choosing glasses that fit you better. That's why OPSM set out to determine the face shapes of modern Australia. With amazing findings, all collected in a guide "Opsm loves Australian Faces Index". Worthwhile. Not only for Australians!

The nine faces of Australia

The makeup of Australian population - one of the most ethnically diverse in the world with its fluid melting pot - doesn’t fit a conventional mould, so why would faces? No-one really questioned the traditional round, oval, square or heart face types. But their definitions are broad.

Partnering with Yvan Rodic - the renowed photographer and street-style blogger as known as The Face Hunter - OPSM has undertaken a nation-wide street-scouting journey from Sydney to Broome, Darwin to Melbourne to capture 1000 unique Australian faces. To determine the real face shapes of modern Australia. Dr. Kendra Schmid, a world leading facial recognition scientist, individually analysed each image defining nine groups, five new - kite, rectangle, teardrop, heptagon and oblong - in addition to the four traditional.

Surprisingly, the new kite shape and traditional heart - together representing over 40% of the population - typify the ‘average’ Australian face shape. The oval and round - the most commonly misdiagnosed face shapes - are 13,5% and 11% respectively. Teardrop, Heptagon and Oblong, are rares (1%-5%) but all have very distinct features that set them apart from more common groups.

Any tips? First of all, when choosing frames, opt for styles to balance prominent features. For instance, Kite shapes. Main characteristics: prominent cheekbones, slightly wider than the mid and lower forehead. It narrows at the jawline and chin. Best frames: clear, rimless. Dos: play down wide cheekbones with clear and rimless frames or seek styles with a defined bottom to balance a wider upper face. Don'ts: oversized acetate frames and top-heavy clubmaster styles overpower kite features.

Published on Feb 04 2015