Persol Fall-Winter 2013/2014

Friday, March 1, 2013 - 10:00am
Tabacco Virginia (Virginia Tobacco), Caffe’ (Coffee), Terra di Siena (Sienna).
Vintage emotions for the new Persol Collection.
Persol is one of the few brands able to boast authentic vintage. The company’s history started back in 1917, a story of craftsmanship which over the years has produced a treasure trove of experience.
Persol is preparing to conquer summer 2013 with the new Persol Vintage Celebration collection, for men and women, created around the rediscovery of its own acetate archives in 3 original color shades, each with an appeal full of cultural references and a bearer of emotions.
Tabacco Virginia brings to mind the hot sun and wind that blows in the tobacco fields of Virginia.
Caffè – the sharpest nuance – dark like a fragrant cup of Italian coffee.
Terra di Siena – a clear and sunny reminder of the gently rolling Tuscan landscape.
Colors that enclose a world, which are inscribed inside the frames to indicate their uniqueness.
The Persol Vintage Celebration collection – consisting of both sun and optical models – includes both authentic iconic pieces and more innovative ones, but always faithful to the unmistakable design so full of retro recollections.
To make the Persol Vintage Celebration even more exclusive, in the sun version Persol has decided to only match the new colors with polar and photopolar crystal lenses. Made of crystal glass, the lenses are slim (only 1.8 mm thick), lightweight and comfortable to wear. Designed according to the very latest research breakthroughs and made with extreme care by artisans, they protect against harmful sunrays.
The Polar lenses reduce strong glare. The reflected light is blocked by special filters that act as a barrier against all harmful rays. The Photo-Polar Lenses combine polarized filter and photochromic filter. The polarized filter blocks glare and favors clear and sharp vision, while the photochromic filter changes the intensity of lens color according to the light, to ensure perfect vision in all conditions.


Published on Mar 01 2013