Vogue Eyewear Fall-Winter 2013/2014

Friday, March 1, 2013 - 10:15am
Playing with your own style and discovering new trends, is what attracts the contemporary women to fashion.
Vogue Eyewear dedicates its optical and sun collections to dynamic, curious, and daring women, always in search of the look that best expresses their personality. Self-confident females, ready to embrace change by exploring new and original styles, choose Vogue Eyewear to live in the now with liveliness and elegance. Aware of the latest trends, she admires luxury, elegant details that have always distinguished Vogue Eyewear style.
A style made even more unique by a softly feminine collection, which encloses in the Style Blooms line a romantic and natural spirit. With mellow, feminine colors enhanced by opal effects and chic flower details applied to the temples, give life to the freshness and playfulness of a brand that is always In Vogue.
The new collection presents models in line with the latest trends and enhanced by exclusive details. The translucent effect and the brand new opal colors, ideal for highlighting the glamour profile of the models of this collection. New to the In Vogue line is the Liquid Light theme which, by playing with the metalized effects of the three colors from the collection – green, red and blue – presents hi-tech treatments and workmanship to obtain futuristic metalized effects and elegant matt finishes. Once again, Vogue presents a feminine style which corresponds to the glamour spirit of the contemporary woman. From romanticism with soft colors and flower decoration of Style Blooms, ideal for women and young girls seeking a fresh and delicate look, to the trendy and playful style of In Vogue, conceived for a woman who is always ready to explore the latest fashion has to offer, to the contemporary and refined taste of Casual Chic, designed for young and fashion-conscious women, with an added modern and versatile touch and a dash of essential originality.
Vogue Eyewear
Published on Mar 01 2013