Vogue Eyewear Spring-Summer 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013 - 10:30am
Playful amusement and always resurgent curiosity are what draws contemporary women to fashion. Since the 70s, Vogue Eyewear has dedicated its collections of optical and sunglasses especially to dynamic and curious women who love fashion and want to try different styles to constantly renew their image. Confident and self-assured, these women are ready to catch the change through their exploration of original and trendy expressions of style. They choose Vogue Eyewear to live the spirit of their time in a lively, elegant way; they have a timeless talent for revisiting inspirations of the past with an airiness and originality that are the hallmark of the modern woman. With these women in mind, Vogue Eyewear channels into daily life the fresh urban style of today’s trends without ever losing its trademark elegance and sophistication.
The new collection offers three elegant and dynamic segments, embellished by exclusive details that set off all their class and allure: for example, the crystals applied on the outside of the temples, or the new original opaline colours, ideal to illuminate the stylishly chic profile of the models in this collection, or the unique design of the “Natural” models, inspired by the harmony and shapes of nature.
This very feminine and ironic game suits, today more than ever before, the glamour spirit of contemporary women: from the trendy, playful style of In Vogue, designed for women always in search of the latest in fashion, to the contemporary and distinguished taste of Casual Chic, for young women who follow the fashion with a modern, versatile touch and a hint of ever-present originality, to the classic, elegant and sleek lines of Timeless, for fans of a stylish, feminine look rich in refined and unusual details.
Vogue Eyewear
Published on Sep 01 2013