The southern province of Guangdong is one of the most dynamic and rapid growing in China, with an industrial reality concentrated mostly along the Pearl River delta, where the leading cities in the region - Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan – are located. The latter includes Tristar, one of the production pillars of excellence of Luxottica, comprising three manufacturing facilities and a logistics hub, employing a total of about 11,500 people.


The ethical and sustainable entrepreneurial approach characterizing Luxottica from the outset of its involvement in China, where it is applied in an exemplary manner, means that business aims and results-oriented activities go hand in hand with other, equally important, goals: attention to the wellbeing of people, respect for the environment and the health and safety of its employees. Over twenty years, continuous investments carried out by the Group have had significant effects on the economic and social development of the territory, strengthening the community and promoting constructive relations with government and local authorities.

The route taken by Luxottica for its expansion in China is based on the awareness and understanding of the local culture, the sharing of experience and points of view and the celebration of diversity to guarantee an optimum working environment and growth opportunities for all. In this way, Luxottica has always sought balance between the principles and values of the Group, as outlined in the Code of Ethics, national regulations and the significant cultural, social and economic aspects of the county.

In concrete terms, this approach translates into valuing the professionalism and skills of the local work force, competitive salaries, cooperation with leading recruitment agencies and a series of initiatives for employees, from the canteen to open spaces for recreation and fun.

The Welfare System in China

One of the most natural expressions of this vision is the welfare system, an articulated program of initiatives for all employees of the Luxottica facilities in Dongguan. In China, the welfare system has its origin in the early 2000s, not long after the Group’s arrival in the province, and developed through and cooperation with Trade Unions and the local government. To provide constant monitoring and prompt responses, Luxottica created a dedicated function with a significant name, “Quality of Life”, and an important responsibility: to define welfare vision, strategies and initiatives in Tristar.

The initiatives include:

Enjoy your meal

The company canteen in the Chinese facilities provides weekly examples of regional cuisine.

Feel at home

As requested by employees, lodgings are provided near the facilities during work days for those working far from their homes or on special shifts. In some cases, the same opportunity is provided to the whole family. Today, about 5,000 people – blue and white collar workers - make use of this service.

Care about you

This program is dedicated to health and sustainable mobility. It includes services such as health insurance, access to an on-site clinic through a special arrangement with Dongguan Hospital, and counseling for women. To foster sustainable mobility, Luxottica cooperates with local public transport services based on shifts, encourages car sharing, has enlarged car-parks and added new short-stay parking spaces.

The welfare system at Tristar includes other numerous initiatives: from internships for young people with concrete future work opportunities to cooperation with schools and prestigious universities in the province, from counseling for new mothers to the celebration of young talent. The work is ongoing with updates continuously designed to meet the real and changing needs of people.

Published on Mar 21 2017