Oakley and Kylian Mbappé: Be Who You Are

Oakley and Kylian Mbappé: Be Who You Are

Oakley announces its partnership with Kylian Mbappé. The famous French striker for Paris Saint-Germain is the brand’s new star and symbol of the “Be Who You Are” campaign, which shows how being a champion also means being one off the football pitch.


Mbappé’s personal story was the key element behind this collaboration: great determination, humility and respect for one’s origins are the themes explored in a short film about a boy born in the suburbs of Paris, who dreams of taking his national team to the top of the world and inspiring others.

For Oakley, it is essential to highlight the human side, as well as the sporting side, shining a spotlight not only on the athlete’s talent, but also on their role as a leader and positive role model for future generations, embodying qualities such as kindness and empathy, both on and off the field.

Mbappé will be the face of the brand and its collections wearing the Oakley Kato model, a pair of glasses that has revolutionized the industry since its launch in 2021.

“Everyone knows what I’m all about when it comes to football – now, I’m excited to partner with a brand that wants to share my story off the pitch, and support what I want to do to help inspire global youth," commented Kylian Mbappé. “I relate to the Oakley attitude in many ways – the disruptive, innovative spirit and the drive to create positive change. The “Be Who You Are” message resonated very strongly with me and I want to help instill that belief in staying true to yourself and that self confidence in others. And of course, the eyewear is pretty cool – you really feel like a superhero when you put on Kato!”

Published on Jan 28 2022