Oakley Green Fade Collection: one color, one team for Rio 2016

Oakley Green Fade Collection: one color, one team for Rio 2016

August 5 to 21: write down these dates in your calendar of sports fans. The journey of the Olympic flame from Olympia to Rio de Janeiro is almost over.

Oakley Green Fade Collection: one color, one team for Rio 2016

To celebrate the 31st Summer Olympics, Oakley has designed a special-edition eyewear collection Green Fade, bringing back the vibrant green color that was featured on the brand’s first performance product in 1980. The "Oakley Olympic team", which includes the best athletes in the world, will wear Green Fade frames on the competition scene and when they’re relaxing. Starting Friday August 5th Rio will be flooded by a “sea of green” on and off the field!

Green Fade is a rarity in sports eyewear. Not only because the production is limited to 100,000 pieces. Let’s find out why.

The ’80 Green is an iconic color for Oakley, a symbol of innovation and high performance. In the revised edition for the new collection, it keeps the charm of the past reinterpreted in a modern key.

Prizm lenses: each frame has one pair. This revolutionary technology from Oakley labs enhance detail by providing ultra-precise color tuning for specific environments. Different Prizm lenses match different sports for an optimized and personalized vision to improve athletes' performance.

Hand painting. Every piece of the collection is unique. All 100,000 frames are hand painted green through a particular coloring process that has allowed Oakley to be more flexible in the design of the green fade of the frame and to modify the look to wrap the fade from front to back and along the upper and lower surfaces.

EVZero. This ultra light frame designed for runners and cyclists will be available with the brand’s first-ever dual Iridium lens coating that combines two Prizm lens tints for a distinctive look and unmatched performance.

The Oakley Team. About 500 world-class athletes will wear Oakley Green Fade eyewear while competing and in relaxing time. Some of them were involved in the hand painting process and put their personal touch on the frames.

So whether you're an athlete competing on the highest stage for sport or out for an evening run, you're wearing something that is one-of-a-kind!

The Green Fade Collection consists of eight styles: six performance products for competition including EVZero, Jawbreaker, Radar EV Path, Flak 2.0 XL and RadarLock Path and two lifestyle products including Frogskins and Crosslink Zero RX. Visit the gallery to discover more!

Published on Jul 26 2016