Oakley JURY™: new sunglasses made of aerospace alloy

03 Nov 2010 - 09:42 AM

Oakley JURYOakley, Inc. today announced the release of the JURY™ sunglass, a new lifestyle design composed of an aerospace aluminum alloy.

A special rendition of JURY will be available exclusively at Sunglass Hut for a limited period.

“Oakley strives to seamlessly blend the best of science and art, and this new sunglass raises the bar for both,” said Oakley CEO Colin Baden. “We wanted JURY to be made of metal but still provide the comfort of a lightweight design.

The grade of aluminum used by machine industry mills was nowhere near our targeted profile, so we turned to the aerospace industry. The chosen alloy was originally engineered to take the punishment that aircraft and space vehicles endure, and we shaped it with styling that brings a fresh, self-assured look. JURY is science wrapped in art, the hallmark of Oakley innovation,” Baden concluded.

A special edition of Oakley JURY sunglasses will be available exclusively at Sunglass Hut locations beginning November 4, 2010. Matched with Ice Iridium® lenses, the frame has a finish called “Distressed Silver.”

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