Oakley opens its first mono-brand concept store in Milan

Oakley opens its first mono-brand concept store in Milan

Oakley has opened its first concept store in Italy. A high-tech concept store where you can explore the world of Oakley, a symbol of innovation and performance in eyewear and sport.


Located in Piazzale Cadorna n. 3 next to Luxottica Group’s headquarters, the new store features a column of LED screens at its entrance, which captures the attention of passersby, making it impossible to resist stopping and going inside.

It’s the start of a journey immersed in the universe of Oakley, a brand that embodies sport performance, technology and aesthetics, worn by the world’s leading athletes who rely on its innovations for competing at the highest level. Inside the store, digital communication is the heart of the experience: images continually flow across an impressive video wall, evoking the faces of athletes, the emotions of their greatest performances, sporting events and showing some important milestones in the history of the brand, its technology and product design.

Oakley’s spirit is brought to life through details with innovative materials such as the store’s central platform in Steelcolor – polished black stainless steel with special finishes that give it a hi-tech feel, and the display of a racing bike designed especially for Oakley by Pinarello, one of the iconic brands in the cycling world. The cladding of the outside walls is Viroc, a new material that is a mixture of pine wood and cement, an evocative combination of flexibility and strength.

The store is organized according to consumer needs, from the most sporty and technical to the more urbane and lifestyle models.

Here you can explore the latest innovations like Prizm™, the revolutionary optical technology that dramatically enhances details to improve vision, like Radar Pace, the result of years of research and development between Luxottica’s Oakley brand and Intel and buy from a wide selection of sunglasses and ski goggles, apparel collections and accessories, including limited editions.

The store is the ultimate celebration of the Oakley brand, its dedication to research, disruptive design and performance.  Nowhere else has this been more evident than at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero, where 850 of the world’s best athletes comprised “Team Oakley”, donning their Oakley frames as they won  102 medals in their various sports.

The first Oakley retail store in Italy creates a unique immersive brand and product experience. Are you ready for it? We’ll see you here here

Published on Oct 05 2016