Oakley in residence: Sidney. The hub that blends creativity and passion

Oakley in residence: Sidney. The hub that blends creativity and passion

Sidney – following Los Angeles and London - is the last stop for Oakley In Residence, an itinerant project launched by Luxottica’s Californian brand to celebrate passion for sport, within the global communication campaign “One Obsession” ongoing throughout 2015. Creative space and skateboarding destination, Oakley In Residence Sidney is inspired by skateboarding and its culture, that identifies a community of unconventional and creative young people.


Skateboarding is a contemporary legend since its origin. California, 50s. On the beach, a group of surfers tired of waiting for the perfect wave in a day of flat sea, decide to transfer the thrill of surfing the waves to the city streets. They set four wheels under a wooden board and embark on reckless tricks along the sidewalks among the astonished passers-by. Since then, skateboarding development has never stopped, overcoming crises and revivals, crossing boundaries of game, sport, geographies and culture. Finally, establishing itself worldwide as a lifestyle that identifies a community of unconventional and creative young people.

Oakley In Residence: Sydney - a hangout space and pop-up skate park destination - celebrates the culture of skateboarding in its different expressions, from the invention of a trick to the interpretation of an urban space for skateboarding, up to the art of photographing or shooting a skater’s movement in perfect harmony with the environment as natural stage. The hub is hosted in Sidney not for chance, as the vibrant and cosmopolitan city is hometown of one of the world’s most active and progressive skate community.

Oakley In Residence: Sidney offers a weekly schedule of workshops, exclusive exhibitions, interactive panel discussions, art installations, athlete meet ups, skate sessions, film screenings and more. Oakley skateboard icons Eric Koston, Sean Malto and Curren Caples, along with globally renowned photographer Atiba Jefferson, will bring to life the essence of skate culture by serving as the lead curators of the programming with support from local Sydney athletes and artists across the skate, creative and street communities.

A curiosity? The “skateable” sculptures designed by local Sydney artist Brett Chan for the skate park. Moreover, Destination Sydney is an exclusive photography exhibition that chronicles iconic skate moments in Sidney from the last 20 years. Curated by Atiba Jefferson in partnership with Sidney photographers Mike O’Meally and Andrew Peters. Outside the hub, the mural designed by world-renowned artist Anthony Lister welcomes you.

Oakley also partnered with local non-profit organizations to offer art workshops and creative activities to underserved youth, to help them harness their potential in a positive and inspiring environment.

Sydney is the third installment of the Oakley In Residence experience as part of the brand’s global One Obsession campaign, designed to fuel passion rooted in sport. Earlier this year, Oakley hosted a space in Los Angeles to celebrate the culture of skateboarding in its hometown and pay tribute to the iconic spots that paved the way for skating today. With its second hub, located in London, Oakley celebrated another great sporting passion, inspiration to many athletes and passionate: cycling, through a series of exhibitions, bike maintenance workshops, film screening and urban bike rides.

To know more about Oakley In Residence  http://www.oakley.com/en/in-residence/sydney/

Published on Nov 27 2015