Oakley, a story of unity

Oakley, a story of unity

During the most important races for winter sports enthusiasts, Oakley is bringing its athletes together to celebrate the final chapter of its Snow campaign.

Oakley, a story of unity

Mikaela Shiffrin, Ståle Sandbech, Mark McMorris, Sage Kotsenburg, Henrik Harlaut and Eileen Gu discuss their approach to their respective specialties, sharing their views on the path they followed to get where they are today. Their voices form a ‘Unity Anthem’ that highlights how they are all united by the unique, individual paths they have taken.

These values of self-belief and sharing are fundamental for Oakley, which promotes an idea of sport that goes beyond trophies and medals to include moments of fragility, highlighting the importance of relying both on one's own resilience and on the support of others - a unity - to achieve the best results.

Along with the Unity Anthem, the brand is launching its Unity collection of cold-weather gear suitable for a wide range of challenging on-and off-mountain conditions. The selection includes the three Oakley Line Miner, Flight Deck and Flight Path snow goggles, the five sport and lifestyle eyewear options HSTN, Jawbreaker, Radar EV Path, Radarlock and Encoder, and the two helmets ARC5 Pro and MOD1 Pro, all in bright, innovative colors.

The goggles are equipped with Prizm lenses, an exclusive Oakley technology, in a brand-new color for this category: Prizm Snow Rose Gold. Each model’s strap features a special woven design symbolizing the community that comes together for the world’s biggest competition, while every color in the weave represents each athlete’s journey to the top.

The helmets in the Oakley Unity collection also offer a perfect blend of safety and design, making them the ideal choice for those who want to make their mark and challenge their limits without taking risks. When exposed to sunlight, the pigment in the Galaxy paint on the trim creates eye-catching reflections that truly stand out.

Published on Feb 28 2022