Oliver Peoples. Go West! A journey from sunrise to sunset

Oliver Peoples. Go West! A journey from sunrise to sunset

Oliver Peoples WEST is the new segment of the Oliver Peoples brand that embodies the coastal, California lifestyle. Created with sundrenched weekends in mind, the collection is fashioned for a life in motion and inspires wearers to Embrace the Horizon. Go West!

Oliver Peoples. Go West! A journey from sunrise to sunset

The concept of WEST celebrates a complete state of mind. Historically, going west represented the promise of warmer climates, sandy beaches, and a sense of wellbeing. Oliver Peoples WEST is inspired by the active coastal life, following people into their weekends and vacations filled with days spent on the beaches of Malibu, sunrise hikes through the mountains, and windswept drives along the Pacific Coast Highway.

The symbol? It’s an evolution from the well-recognized Oliver Peoples brand logo and evokes the image of a rising or setting sun. The Oliver Peoples circle, triangle and square motif was abstracted, reduced and refined to create a visual association between the new segment and the mainline. It symbolically represents that the collection is designed to be worn for any activity, from Sunrise to Sunset. But always looking chic!

While staying true to the Oliver Peoples core values of high quality, discreet branding and a vintage inspired aesthetic, Oliver Peoples WEST embodies an innovative approach to effortlessly cool yet functional design with product details that specifically reference an active way of life. Each of the seven styles in the launch collection is named in honor of a quintessential California coastal element: a beach, a canyon, a plant, etc.

The sunglasses feature a hybrid material temple that fuses fine titanium, acetate, and a silicone grip for superior fit and all-day comfort.  A subtle blue enamel WEST logo adorns the temple ends. High-quality polarized lenses complete the collection. With exclusive signature lens color like “Maliblu”, which represents the reflection of the radiant Pacific Ocean and the cloudless warm weather sky. The striking blue hue originated at the Oliver Peoples Malibu boutique, where the custom dyed color was a popular staple!

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Published on Aug 13 2014