Oneday 2015. Luxottica's world for OneSight

Oneday 2015. Luxottica's world for OneSight

On December 10, 2015, all Luxotticans around the world celebrated OneSight and its commitment to eradicate the global vision care crisis. 

Oneday 2015. Luxottica's world for OneSight

OneDay is a time for Luxottica employees around the world to celebrate OneSight’s progress in providing vision care access to underserved communities around the world. OneSight is a nonprofit organization supported in part by Luxottica, its founding global sponsor. Held annually in December (on the 10th, this year), OneDay gathers Luxottica’s employees around the world to hear about OneSight’s 2015 achievements and 2016 goals as well as to honor the Luxottica volunteers whose time and efforts make OneSight’s work possible This year OneSight provided vision care access to 2 million people worldwide.

Let's review the other highlights of OneSight’s 2015 activities and find out what is planned for 2016.

The study: global vision care crisis

OneSight collaborated with Deloitte to determine the global need for access to glasses. The study, revealed that of the 2.5 billion people globally who need glasses, 1.1 billion lack access to obtain them. That’s 1 in 7 people around the world. Among them, 239 million are children. The vision care crisis is most acute in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia and affects up to 44% of the population in certain countries. With this increased clarity around the scope of the problem, OneSight will be able to optimize its programming to provide the needed access.

The development of sustainable vision centers: The Gambia and Rwanda

OneSight continues to expand its sustainable model, which establishes permanent vision care centers staffed by trained locals. Central manufacturing and local supply chains support local demand for clinic supplies and glasses, creating a stable infrastructure that helps empower local partners for long-term success.


The Gambia

OneSight’s sustainable clinic model was pioneered here in 2013. In 2015 OneSight opened three additional vision centers, bringing the total to 6 clinics supported by a local manufacturing facility. They offer vision care access to 1.5 million people. To date, the clinics have served 33,000 Gambians and created 183 jobs.


The Vision Center at Ruhengeri Hospital in the Musanze District (Rwanda’s Northern Province) is the first community-based center established by OneSight outside The Gambia. It provides vision care access to 360,000 people. In the first months of activity, the clinic helped 2,500 Rwandans and created 4 jobs.

Global charitable vision clinics

Charitable vision clinics provide immediate vision care for one- or two-week periods in underserved communities worldwide. In 2015 OneSight held vision care clinics in 12 countries. In its first vision clinic in Colombia, OneSight provided vision care to more than 2,000 people in Apartado in partnership with GMO and the Antioquia Health Department.

The volunteers

During 2015, 19,000 doctors and Luxottica volunteers supported charitable vision clinics, sustainable vision centers, fundraising and more, allowing OneSight to help 185,000 people worldwide.

Looking ahead to 2016

OneSight will open 5 additional vision centers in Rwanda in 2016. It will also open one new vision center in The Gambia, completing the vision care system for the entire country. OneSight will also begin building sustainable infrastructure in a new country. At the same time, it will expand its sustainable vision clinics in India, opening 10 additional vision centers in partnership with LV Prasad. Two new vision centers will open in rural China as part of the OneSight partnership with REAP. OneSight will host more than 50 charitable clinics in 11 countries, going to new locations: Zambia and Tanzania. And that’s not all. Through the launch of a global ambassador program, a new OneSight online store and there will be more opportunities than ever to spread awareness of the cause and bring vision care access to those in need. It will be another thrilling year for OneSight. We’re ready to tell about it!

Published on Dec 09 2015